What is the cost for RacketStats?

Beginner Mode is FREE, the Advanced Mode is a subscription of US $4.99/month

What is the difference between Beginner and Advanced Modes?

The Beginner Mode is very easy to use and will provide basic statistics. It is Free to anyone. The Advanced Mode is for those who want more thorough measurements of their game that will allow them to chart their progress as well as assist in their goal setting.

How long does it take to learn how to chart?

After one set, most people become very good at charting.

How many matches should be charted before it is useful?

Immediately, however, match information changes against differing types of players.

How can charting be used?

Charting can be useful when players are trying shots or tactical changes to see how they hold up. It is also a very useful tool to “scout” other players. It will let you know almost immediately if a shot that you have been working on is getting better and it can tell you if anything is deteriorating.

Can I send match stats to other people?

Yes, after the match has finished you can generate a PDF file and SHARE it by MESSAGING, EMAILING, PRINTING, COPY or SAVE it to a file.